Are you searching for interior painting design ideas for your office or home? You probably believe that there’s only one method to paint. You might also think that the blends you’re bound to are only colors. However, that is not the case.  

Today, we are going to talk about a couple of ideas about interior wall painting design that you can apply in your office or house. Whether you’re looking for artsy methods, crafty styles, or straightforward techniques, here are several styles that painters Brisbane can apply to your office or house.  

Dot Wall 

You need to try this technique if you do not think about yourself as a crafty individual. This technique is extremely simple. However, it will still provide an excellent update to your office or old room. Dot wall offers a sprinkle of joy in the room in the form of dots. That’s why it is ideal for the room of your child.  


The French word for streaking is Strié. It is also the name of a painting style that will leave your friends, family, and colleagues astonished with your walls. This technique generates vertical and horizontal lines all over the paint layer. This will offer a fresh texture and warm vibe. You need to give this a try.  

Mountain Mural 

If you are a crafty and adventurous individual, this mountain-type painting is right for you. The technique is a bit flashy. That is why a lot of individuals might get intimidated. However, it is certain that the end result will be worth it. This technique will attract the eyes and reflects a lot of depth.  

Ombre Wall 

The ombre wall, also known as the color wash method, can be an ideal option for you. this type of painting will add depth and texture to your walls. In addition to that, it will enable you to get spontaneous and creative with the brushes. If you want to put an excellent glaze, you can coat your walls using satin paint. After that, you can use a broad brush.  

Geometric Pattern 

Do you like math? Do you have some thick tape and a bucket of paint? Well, geometric pattern might be the style for you. You will possibly be saving more paint if you do this technique on your walls. However, this can take quite some time. This depends on the pattern you want to copy. But, this type of wall can attract a lot of curious eyes and will look great.  


This is another elegant style for your room. A lot of experts suggest blending the colors of the furniture and generating a contrast between the stripes in your wall. You can pick from a lot of techniques to integrate the lines. This includes subtle, contrasting, nearby, separated, thick, and thin.  


Whether you utilize subtle blend for a more elegant look or highly contrasting colors to make a bolder statement, this painting technique will add life to the room. This painting technique is usually used in the bedroom or kitchen.